About Us

Our only ideal is to ensure perfect customer satisfaction...

Bayram Metal's mission is to create a more consistent society by developing natural resources and products in a groundbreaking and efficient manner. Through more than 30 years of Bayram Metal's history, we have developed vital natural resources, contributing to the lives of people around the world.
With the innovative use of aluminum, we continue to improve the production of long-life products. We are bearing the responsibility of making a conscious effort to balance the needs of the profit and the needs of society. We believe that business demands and social demands are interdependent and inseparable.
We can't have real and long-term business success without social success. The extraction of raw materials and all production processes have a degree of influence on the use of non-renewable resources vital to future generations and on the environment and society. Aluminum production is no exception. These are challenging issues both scientifically and ethically.
Facing problems challenges our values. Some values are universal, some are not. Values cannot be discussed without the foundation of facts.



To meet the customer demands and expectations at the highest level by continuously improving our product and service quality,
To create an emotional connection with our consumers with a strong communication and to ensure customer loyalty,
Increasing our competitiveness in the production of the most preferred aluminum ingots by expanding the chain of communication at home and abroad.


Being a reliable and reputable organization in Turkey,
Leading the sector,
Continuously developing our own methods in our area of expertise in order to increase the activity and efficiency of our company in the national / international market.


• We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, quality is our main priority.
• It is our primary duty to produce alloy ingot aluminum and zamak used for various purposes, and to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction by meeting customer requirements as well as current legal and regulatory requirements.
• Our quality management system and our quality policy, which guides our quality targets, supports our strategic direction and is updated periodically and after important organizational changes to be processed by employees, and also presented to the relevant parties and the public.
• Our corporate structure, which has adopted the process approach, establishes relationships based on mutual benefit with external providers, our control structure has adopted the principle of making analysis with real data, establishing effective communication, increasing the participation of employees in system studies, determining the risks in advance and continuously improving its processes with a preventive approach.


Our company which accepts quality as a way of life, has crowned itself with quality certificates in many areas.

For your aluminum demands, please contact us at 0 282 746 10 41.